Coached By Sham

Sham is a qualified personal trainer and a 2x Men’s Physique Bodybuilding Champion. I had the pleasure of bringing Sham’s brand to life by designing a logo, providing coaching on how to market yourself, and designing/developing a website (eCommerce). 

Sham’s goals were simple, “I want to develop myself as a brand/influencer’. The initial consultation with Sham was focused on building an audience on social media to generate leads and a good website will help us to create an active sales funnel. 

We developed a website, a social media strategy and continue to advise Sham on best marketing best practices and have plans to run a social media campaign very soon! 

“I love my new website! Thank you to everyone at Mibe. Looking forward to the future!“ 🚀
Sham Rahman

Qualified Personal Trainer | Coached By Sham