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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing will transform your business! 😵

Experience real growth through professional social media marketing. It’s a HUGE opportunity for your business to engage with its audience. Social media is ever-evolving, the number of platforms on the market is increasing and algorithms are always being updated. Unless you have the time to invest in social media, you will need to outsource your social media marketing to a specialist who can manage it all for you. Choose Mibe, and have access to highly skilled designers who will create amazing content as well as highly experienced copywriters who are passionate about creating engaging content for your social channels.

Do you need social media marketing?

We believe all businesses need to have some sort of presence on social media. Whether you’re a local high street shop or a global B2B corporation having a presence on social media is key for the following reasons:
Increasing your brand awareness
Promote new products/services
Engage directly with customers 
Receive better feedback
Be ahead of the competition
Generate more sales
Social Media Marketing Birmingham

How does social media marketing work? 🧐

The first stage is to understand your business and what your goals are. We’ll then research the marketplace, by analysing your target market, choosing one or multiple audiences, and finally coming up with a content strategy/plan to meet your social media goals.

If you have already got some sort of social media presence then we will analyse your current performance and design a strategy going forward. Once all the details above have been ironed out, we’ll begin work on the social profiles, i.e. creating banners, profile images and choosing the correct social platform that we think would work for your business.

How much does social media marketing cost? 💷

It’s free to set up social media accounts and start posting and engaging with people but the progress will be very, very slow this way. In order to gain a good level of brand awareness, investing in social media adverts will be required. Over the years the organic reach on social media platforms has declined as platforms such as Facebook are vastly overcrowded and competition is fierce. However, the trick is to strategically spend money on ads/posts to generate exposure and increase the success of your campaigns. At Mibe, we have the expertise to create engaging and targeted social media campaigns for your business. We have plenty of tricks up our sleeve to enhance your presence on social media.

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